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Water Conservation using Shallow Irrigation Wells

Save as much as 75% on your home water bill 

A shallow irrigation well means you will not be using precious drinking water to maintain your lawn and landscape. Since irrigation can be responsible for 50% of your home’s water usage, this is an excellent method of water conservation .

The Earth Comfort Company, Inc. is licensed to drill water wells in the state of Georgia and South Carolina. We provide 4″ cased shallow wells to depths down to 100 feet. Many shallow well drillers are limited to 50 foot depths. The coastal surficial aquifer varies from 25 to 80 feet. We install submersible pumps because they require less maintenance and will not be subject to freezing.

The cost of a complete well with pump and pressure tank is around $3,000. We accept payment through PayPal . Call Charles at 912.695.7350  or  Nathan at  912.996.6989

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