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The main focus of the Earth Comfort Company (TECC) is on large scale commercial and military geoexchange systems. But we are always asked to look at residential geothermal systems and shallow irrigation water wells. We are committed to finding a way to provide affordable geothermal installations for all buildings. This can be very challenging in residential situations. Each home site is different. We are glad to consult on an individual basis.

A iHouse ExteriorThe following information is provided for educational purposes. The focus is on our model Earth Comfort Zero Net Energy home near Savannah, Ga.

Prefabulous+AlmostOfftheGridIt has been available for viewing for the past four years. This house is modular and is featured in the book “Prefabulous + Almost Off the Grid” by Sheri Koones

What makes this home energy efficient ?

  • 1,000 square feet main living area and 300 square feet guest room
  • Tightly sealed 2 x 6 walls with R19 insulation, R30 ceilings, R19 Floors
  • Energy Star rating for house and all appliances
  • Downsized, variable speed, ground source heat pump with built in dehumidifier
  • Ecobee, easy to program thermostat, with separate humidity control
  • Downsized, Solar electric (PV) system. Less than 3 kW used only to avoid Peak Electric rate of $0.19/kWh
  • eMonitor energy monitoring system shows how many watts every appliance is using, in real time. This helps avoid use during Peak rate. Also shows how many watts are being produced from the sun, and how many watts are being sold back to Georgia Power.
  • This house is on Georgia Power’s “Plug In Vehicle – Time of Use Rate”  which means they charge $0.20/kWh during the Peak period ( 2 to 7 PM, only from June to September and not on weekends or holidays. The rest of the year, rates are only $0.06/kWh, except at night from 11 PM to 7 AM, when they only charge $0.03/kWh. This is when the Chevrolet Volt is being charged. It uses 3,000 watts for 4 hours, or 12,000 watts (12 kWh) for a cost of thirty-six cents.


Four methods of installation for Geoexchange in Residential use.

Geoexchange works the same way all over the world. Using the mass of the Earth as a large Solar collector, geoexchange moves the heat in to the house in winter and moves it in to the ground in summer. And it can make hot water for use in the home, or to heat a swimming pool.   Some states allow the use of Shallow Well Water for use as an Open Loop System. These systems work well when they are supplied with high quality water. They can cause problems in areas with high mineral content. Their advantage is in having a constant temperature supplied to the heat pump.

District Heating and Cooling

The Earth Comfort Company works with heating and air contractors, developers, and builders to provide the ground heat exchanger for new and existing homes. We are currently developing a method to provide a common ground heat exchanger in new developments which would like to pursue Zero Net Energy status. This means that, during each year of operation, the house would produce as much electricity as it uses.
One common geothermal ground heat exchanger would be installed as part of the early infrastructure, along with the roads and sewer lines. New homes would be able to connect to the geoexchange system with a meter to measure the energy removed or sent in to the ground heat exchanger.



Residential Resource

Earth Comfort’s House on Green Builder Magazine (Dec. 2011)

The Earth Comfort Zero Energy Home model

Whether you’re building a new home, or upgrading an existing house, a ground source heat pump can save you money. And, until 2016, the extra cost for the ground heat exchanger can be offset by a 30% Tax Credit.

The Earth Comfort Company can help advise you, your builder, and your mechanical contractor on the most affordable way to install the geoexchange system.

It’s important to consider all the energy related components in your home. By creating a tight, well insulated envelope, you will find that you can use a smaller geoexchange system and a downsized solar electric system.

To be able to measure and see your savings, an Energy Monitor is a must.

See the Earth Comfort model home near Savannah for a demonstration of all the things you can use to create a Zero Energy Home.

Save Money with an Irrigation Well

In the coastal Georgia and South Carolina area, having your own shallow well for irrigation can save lots of money each year.
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Do you know about Residential eMonitor?

The eMonitor is the only energy monitor, for the price, that allows you to see the usage (in watts) of every appliance in your home or business.

This is the perfect tool to evaluate how much solar electric power an existing building will need to be Zero Net Energy. And, after your renewable energy projects are added, you can instantly see the effect of your improvements.

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