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The Earth Comfort Company has become a full service energy conservation company capable of bringing together a range of easily understood, Renewable Energy technologies, under one umbrella company.

The company designs and installs ground coupled, heat exchangers for geothermal heat pump systems to owners/developers of commercial buildings, multifamily and single family residences in the Southeastern region from Carolinas to North Florida.

The in ground, heat exchanger is made of high density polyethylene plastic pipe and lasts as long as the building itself. For this reason, the ground heat exchanger must be viewed as a long term investment in the physical property. The rate of return on this investment will surely rise with the increasing cost of energy. Development of the “Thermal Purchase Agreement” or TPA will be a key component to making geothermal the standard method of cooling buildings.

There are three types of ground heat exchangers in use:  Lake Loops, Horizontal Loops, and  Vertical Loops.

Lake loops are the easiest to install and have the best potential for a quick return in the existing home market. The heat exchangers are prefabricated at our shop and brought to the site for a one day installation.

Horizontal loops are better suited to homes with acreage. Many rural homeowners have access to a local backhoe service and this can reduce our installation costs.

Vertical loops comprise 90% of our installations in the coastal areas. Our special drilling equipment is custom made for drilling 4” diameter boreholes, 250’ to 300’ deep, in a confined area. Often these are installed before the building is started.

Commercial Projects

Animal Hospital

Date: 2012 Location: Aiken, SC Contract For: R W Allen Company

Multifamily Project

Date: 2012 Location: Savannah, GA Contract For: Mike Creeden 404.617.9539
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